Romantic Ghosts Eliza Kinchington

Romantic Ghosts by Eliza Kinchington

All Photos © Eliza Kinchington

Eliza Kinchington – talented photographer and artist from Australia, who combines her creative works, art and photography. Loudly declared itself in 2012 at the leading photographic exhibitions in Sydney, Eliza has become a sought-after photographer and currently works with many advertising agencies and glamour magazines. One of the most striking and impressive works by photographers become a Romantic Ghost.

Photo series «Danse Macabre (Dance of Death)» representing the group of romantic ghosts, has been prepared in 2015 with the participation of a whole team of talented makeup artists and models. Young women appear in the images of the brutally murdered ghostly beauties. Almost all of them have terrible wounds, hastily drawn steel wire and bloody crying eyes. Traces of blood on the lips meant to show that in his new romantic incarnation ghosts cruel revenge for his ruined life.
Among her latest works of Eliza Kinchington is worth noting the series of photographs «Painted on Skin», where it proved to be a bright and original artist of the painting. All of Eliza’s work is available on her personal website.

And if we were talking about Australia and the talents in the field of body art, we would like to remind a sixteen year old Australian schoolgirl Lara Wirth, independently mastered the art of creative make-up and struck many of his very mature and professional works.


Romantic Ghosts by Eliza Kinchington
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