The Followers of Marco Onofri

The Followers of Marco Onofri

A 14 photo shots of the new series the Followers by Marco Onofri is a reflection on modern social networks where people post their intimate photos, it is not thinking about who is watching them.

In the center of each work of Italian photographer Marco Onofri – Nude model surrounded by an eclectic group of attentive observers. And the protagonist is not a model. Age, profession and social status of observer groups are very diverse. Here there are children and teenagers, pregnant women and young mothers, office workers and workers, old ladies, and decrepit old men.

The process of preparing for the photo shoots took almost a year. Marco found in social networks, real pictures of Nude models and in the comments to the image requested to respond scrutinizes at this point, the publication users of the network. All participants of the photo shoot must be dressed in the very clothes in which they were in that moment, and the models must strike a pose as on his publications.

The transition from screen to reality was given to many of them is not easy. In a society of closed rooms and empty streets, human weakness and permissiveness of anonymity, collision eye-to-eye with the real initiator of action for people unaccustomed to communication…

With careful consideration of all Followers, in their postures and expressions on their faces, you can determine the thoughts and desires of each character. For example, a young mother with a baby in her arms with obvious superiority compares her Breasts with the breast model, teen, closed his embarrassed face with his hand. Here’s a woman advanced from the excitation of the nostrils and man all kind trying to show that everything that happens to him quite interesting. Men looking at women, women staring at men and women looking at women… Dim lighting, emphasized theatrical details, sweaty body and embarrassment in the eyes…

Followers of Marco Onofri successfully exhibited in Milan and Rome, and the official site of this series was visited by several millions of Internet users from around the world.

The Followers of Marco Onofri
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